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Ferdinand von Schirach for the first time as an actor in the world premiere of his new play REGEN

Der Spiegel called Ferdinand von Schirach a "great storyteller," the New York Times an "extraordinary stylist," the Independent compared him to Kafka and Kleist, the Financial Times to Raymond Carver, and the Daily Telegraph wrote that he is "one of the most distinctive voices of European literature. His books have been made into many films and have sold millions of copies as international bestsellers. They have appeared in more than forty countries. His plays Terror and God are among the most successful and most discussed contemporary dramas worldwide.

In August 2023, Ferdinand von Schirach's new book REGEN. A story that Ferdinand von Schirach is now performing himself as a monologue on stage: A man comes drenched out of the rain into a bar - onto the stage - and talks about the great and the terrible of our time, about human dignity, loneliness, love, loss and failure.

Ferdinand von Schirach's REGEN is a play that is as courageous as it is very personal, a play on the border between stage character and author.

"If the word, cultivated' did not exist, one would have to invent it for Ferdinand von Schirach."
(Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung)

The world premiere of Regen can be experienced on the major stages of this country from October 2023 as an exclusive premiere tour.

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