Puppet theater Vagabündel - The paper airplane

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From 5 years

Based on the picture book "The Visit" by Antje Damm
The Vagabündel puppet theater tells a story of loneliness, friendship and joie de vivre, in which the encounter between young and old plays a central role.

The play begins in a warehouse. A box without a number suddenly appears among a delivery of parcels. In this unusual box, the two actors discover the elderly lady Louise, complete with armchair, bed and bookshelf. Her world is grey, monotonous, characterized by fear of people, spiders and even trees. One day, this world is turned upside down. A paper airplane flies through her window, right in front of her feet, and that's not all. Shortly afterwards, a little boy appears looking for this paper airplane.

The two actors and their characters tell the story of how an unwanted encounter turns into a friendship and how "color" returns to Louise's life. This play focuses on the dialog between young and old, an intergenerational puppet theater for people aged 5 and up.

Play: Ute Wange, Stefan Christ

More information: https://figurentheater-vagabuendel.de/

Photo: Jennifer Rohrbacher

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