Figure theater Vagabündel - The rhyme maker woman

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Attention, the event takes place at 4 pm!

As part of our FABRIK festival, we will be showing Reimemachefrau, a rhyming puppet show with lots of wit and action for children aged 4 and up, featuring works by Christian Morgenstern, Berthold Brecht, Ernst Jandel, Heinz Erhard, Joachim Ringelnatz, Josef Guggenmoos and Juliane Blech

"Scream like a seagull, roar like a lion, jump like a billy goat or dance in a petticoat"...

A shy cleaning lady can express with her poems, verses and rhymes everything for which she cannot find the right words in everyday life. The feather duster becomes a dancing dervish and a manatee in love splashes around in the cleaning bucket. The blue garbage bag turns into a loudmouthed monster and another bizarre idea rises from the mighty sea of soap foam. Whenever our rhymemaker finds the right verse, nothing is safe from her poetry. Does she still have time to clean?

Play & set: Ute Wange
Director: Frauke Jacobi

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