Vagabündel puppet theater - A reindeer looking for Christmas

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A poetic Christmas story for people aged 4 and over

Snow researcher Atti Olson is on a research trip to collect new snow samples. She enthusiastically shows the public her collection of snowflakes. Then she discovers a small reindeer in her snowflake enlarger. It could only have fallen out of her book!
So Mrs. Olson opens this big book and a magical snowy landscape unfolds. And then Ralf Rüdiger, the reindeer, appears.
The snow trickles softly and takes us into the silence and tranquillity of a pre-Christmas winter evening.
Christmas? What is that supposed to be? Ralf Rüdiger has never heard of it. And so he sets off in search of Christmas ...

With each new page of the book, a different backdrop opens up. We accompany Ralf Rüdiger through quiet snowy landscapes and the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle of the city, all the way to the peaceful hut of reindeer woman Regina.

Play & set: Ute Wange
Director: Silke Geyer

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