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FIL, the friendly weirdo from the neighborhood, fulfills a long-cherished dream this year and performs his second self-written one-man musical. Already the first one - a rousing but also despairing and depressing portrayal of the doltishly unsuccessful work of Mozart's little sister ("Nannerl - a life in the shadows") was a gigantic success. And now " Cringe".

The Tagespiegel wrote about Fil.
The Morgenpost pointed him out.
Scraps circulated on the Internet, too.

And now ,,Cringe"!!! Perhaps everything that has made up the previous work of this exceptional artist comes together in this musical: crystal-clear perfection, tough empathy and pitiless openness paired with libidinous loyalty to the tear-jerking joke.
Cringe" - it was the youth word of some Corona year that didn't take place and whoever knows what it means is certainly too young for this show and shouldn't come, sorry.
But everyone else, come on in!
Cringe!" (it's about love, gentrification and murder)

Photo: Reiner Mnich

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All information is provided without guarantee.