Film series: Literary film - Kafka

The series takes place in cooperation with the Studium Generale and the German Seminar at the University campus Freiburg.

In addition to the wealth of new interpretations of Kafka's work and life, the series offers a look back at the history of the international 'Kafka film'. Classics such as Orson Welles' film version of The Trial (FR/D/IT 1962) and Michael Haneke's television film The Castle (AT 1997) will be shown, as well as Katariina Lillqvist's animated short film trilogy on the stories (FIN 1992-1996), which is rarely shown.

The selected films are not only exciting for Kafka readers, but also for cineastes. As atmospheric translations of Kafka's notoriously dream-logical and disorientating narrative worlds, they offer a new experience of the texts. As films, they develop oppressive visual languages and soundscapes and experiment with genre traditions such as film noir.

The film series offers experimental film experiences beyond blockbuster cinema and invites you to (re)engage with Kafka's non-everyday worlds.

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