Film Series: Reminiscence(s) - Filmed Memory

The series "Reminiscence(s) - Filmed Memory" questions the medium of film, how it can make memories visible. How can these be told?

What happens when the old glamour is gone? When stars cease to be stars, they are usually confronted with various problems. On the one hand, the secure source of income dwindles, so they are often confronted with declining wealth. On the other hand, they also doubt their own quality. With this, the first film "Rimini" deals with a star beyond his zenith. The memory of his 'old' self is always in the foreground.

In the second film we want to approach the memory of two people. In "In the Mood for Love" we follow the two protagonists with their different pasts. However, they share the same memory of their relationship. They get to know each other because their partners are having an affair with each other and thus confront each other with their past.

"The Act of Killing" examines how a larger group remembers. The memory is about the mass murder in 1965/66 in Indonesia. Documentarily, the film shows us from the perspective of the perpetrators how a group remembers its own crimes. Because the perpetrators have never been prosecuted, the film asks us how the past shapes our public today, but also what a culture of memory is.

The last film is dedicated to the memory of childhood. In Sarah Polley's autobiographical documentary "Stories We Tell", the director asks us how our own identity is formed from our past.

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