Shotgun - Happy Aua Tour + Support: Willman

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Shotgun was created in 2015 at a bar: Alexa and David throw up at each other. Frustrating 9-5 jobs, choleric superiors, something with media.... Both actually want to make music. Alexa sings and writes lyrics. David plays guitar and composes. After the next drink it's clear: we're going to form a band! Many songs together, two quits and countless gigs follow. E.g. a Germany-wide tour with the soulman Flo Mega from Bremen, a CSD tour, the final of the Rio Reiser song award and an appearance at Inas Nacht. At the moment, David's home studio is used for writing poetry, screwing, thinking and smoking. Here and there the two also like to work with great producers like Kraans de Lutin or Tim Tautorat, but mostly Flinte likes to take the production into his own hands. The result is enchanting indie German poetry pop that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The electro-pop duo WILLMAN skillfully combines danceable and surprising beats far away from any pop conventions and 0815 productions and does not shy away from bulky and problematic topics such as gender equality, mindfulness, alcoholism and the climate crisis - "That's exactly where it gets interesting!". With their mixture of finely tuned melodies and blaring rap lines, you can recognize the influence of Mine, Großstadtgeflüster or the Antelope Gang here and there - but in the end WILLMAN is something you have to hear for yourself first.

Standing room
Admission 7.30 pm

Photo: Wanja Janeva

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