Flohzirkus Orquestra - music, clowning and hands-on fun

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for children aged 3 and over

The Flohzirkus Orquestra is known for its colorful, rhythmic mix of reggae, ska, chanson and folk elements. The songs transport their audience into imaginary worlds of the circus, pirates and animals, among others, and interpret central children's themes such as belonging, identity, striving for self-determination and the joy of life in impressive images.
Why, for example, is Sue the snake fed up with circus life and wants to move in with Sören, who has a lisp. Or how can the children help poor Anja the ant to become a centipede? How can it be that a brave helmsman is afraid of water?
The program is complemented by short clownish show interludes, magic and hands-on activities that capture the attention of the young and old audience members.

The band:
Jochen - vocals, melodica, drums, magic, clowning
Anja - guitar, river harp, accordion, vocals
Klaus - guitar, mandolin, river harp, vocals

More info: https://flohzirkus-orquestra.jimdofree.com/

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