Florian Schroeder - Enough now!

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It's supposed to be quiet and contemplative at the end of the year, a cozy celebration with the family and seeing the good things, a positive end to the year by candlelight, oh how nice that would be. And then it hits us with full force. Evil is back and spreading. Sneaking up behind us so that we don't forget that it's war. And here in Germany we ask ourselves: has everyone gone mad? Our government is in mid-term, old coal-fired power plants are being fired up again, new parties are being founded - what are we playing here? Dodgeball or an upside-down world? You have to pull yourself together not to lose your sense of humor. Schroeder helps and blows the whistle: "Enough now!" - the only real review of the year.

Schroeder analyzes, comments and parodies. From big politics to the small events of everyday life. Twelve months in two hours - fast, funny, wicked and not boring for a second. And best of all: there's no singing, no swaying and no electric blankets. But there is satire, comedy and lots of fun.
Shout "That's enough!" for one evening and laugh at the madness of a whole year. Because Schroeder is a guy who fights for you: sometimes with a foil, sometimes with a hammer, but always to the point. At the end of the evening, you'll say: That's it? No, more of that! But of course - next year then!

More information: https://www.florian-schroeder.com

Photo: Frank Eidel

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