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Since when is the question "fork or finger? Pure wine or adulterated beer? Do you wipe your fingers on the tablecloth or do you prefer to use a napkin? What does the salt barrel say about the social rank?

Experience the somewhat different dinner with us - you don't always want to go out for a classic meal and experience an evening like any other? Then the Flying Dinner is just the right thing for you! You will experience the beautiful old town while enjoying delicious Baden specialties and Baden wine in various restaurants.

This experience dinner offers you a 3-course menu plus an aperitif. The discovery tour through the city takes about 2 hours and ends with the main course and dessert in a restaurant. Along the way you will also learn something about the (culinary) history of the city and experience the most beautiful alleys of Freiburg.

Duration of the tour: Approx. 2 hours

Incl. tour + aperitif + appetizer with glass of wine + main course with glass of wine + dessert

The tour is available for at least 6 people. If there are less participants, we reserve the right to cancel the tour until 2 days before the start of the tour.

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