Freiburg in the center of Europe - Europe in the center of Freiburg (guided tour)

Price: 12.00€

The "northernmost city in Italy" has always been a meeting place for a wide variety of cultures. Topics of the tour include traces of the French occupation, the struggle for German-British understanding after the Second World War and the Casa Espanola, which offered guest workers an important place to go. The twin cities also connect Freiburg with Europe, creating peace and understanding. The splendor of the former Viennese café evokes nostalgia; an English prisoner-of-war camp with a gramophone, pool table and theater performances also ensured that there was never a dull moment. There is also a reminder of a constantly grumbling exile who was particularly annoyed by the streams. The mystery of a wandering square will also be solved. - Registration required.

Course number: 241109514

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