Freiburg Infectiology and Hygiene Congress

Freiburg Infectiology and Hygiene Congress

Price: from 165.00€ to 375.00€


  • Science communication
  • The newcomers: Federal Institute of Public Health and Federal Institute for Prevention and Education in Medicine (BIPAM)
  • One health - Effects of organic fertilizers and irrigation water on the occurrence of transferable antibiotic resistance in the plant microbiome
  • Testing and classification of disinfectants: What really matters for practice?
  • Skin disinfection: What and how for which procedure?
  • Are disinfectants harmful to staff?
  • What have I read? My top studies in hygiene and infectiology
  • Making smart decisions in pediatric infectiology
  • Infection prevention and treatment of ECMO-associated bloodstream infections
  • Phages: An update
  • Clinical use of phages: Where do we stand?
  • How would you decide? Interactive presentation and discussion of legal cases
  • Hygiene behind bars
  • Sensitivity, specificity, significance & Co.: How to explain statistical correlations in a simple and understandable way
  • How do EUCAST breakpoints arise?
  • Interpretation of KISS surveillance results
  • How do I design good hygiene training?
  • What can simulation do for hygiene training?
  • Transport systems in the hospital of the future
  • Rapid detection of pathogen clusters in hospitals
  • The Heidelberg Tuberculosis Museum: Tuberculosis and art

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