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Enchanting puppet show with beautiful, imaginative characters

All puppet theater fans young and old can look forward to this. On Thursday, 25.07.2024 at 14:30, the Freiburger Puppenbühne will be performing the play "Kasper and the Pirate of the Seven Seas" for children aged 4 and over in Freiburg in the Spiegelzelt at the ZMF.

There is great excitement in the harbor of San Zanzibar. A huge ship sails in and flies the pirate flag. The pirate of the seven seas has made some big loot at sea and is now returning to the kingdom with chests full of gold. But oh, what a shock: as a reward for his services, the pirate wants the king's daughter as his wife. Luckily, Kasper and his clever dog Bello join forces to prevent the princess from marrying the pirate.

Kasper's new pirate adventure with the swashbuckling pirate and the beautiful princess is a play to watch, empathize with and experience that promises lots of fun and good entertainment. The young audience can follow with excitement whether the two friends manage to fend off the cunning pirate and help the impoverished king in his search for the legendary treasure in the magic bay.

Not only the imaginative puppets and costumes, but also the colorful stage sets create a cheerful atmosphere despite all the suspense.

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