FREIBURGerLEBEN: Highlights of the Old Town

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Discover with us the "praying devil", the real "Bobbele" and the "crispy red". On our entertaining tour through the historic city center you will experience the most important sights. Accompany us over Bächle and Gässle to stately town houses, make with us the journey from the medieval small town to the "eco-capital" of Germany. Authentic is the farmer's market, unique Freiburg's landmark, the cathedral with its medieval imagery.
Freiburg has many sides, we have selected the most exciting for you.

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Guided tours, Religion

Guided tours of the cathedral for individual visitors

09/06/2023 / 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM / Freiburg Münster (Cathedral)

The cathedral is not only an example of the architectural and artistic excellence of the Middle Ages, it also reflects the testimony of faith of the people and invites you to discover and interpret…

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All information is provided without guarantee.