FREISTIL Dinner-crime "Murder on the film set" in the Dattler/ Freiburg - With four-course menu and Apéritif

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You are in the Dattler restaurant, where a film crew is shooting the crime movie "Go to hell, my darling! Together with the other guests, you are the extras for two of the film scenes. The director Rüdiger Emmerich, however, has only made unsuccessful films so far and is constantly arguing with the arrogant and self-absorbed leading actor Leander Laußmann. The shy supporting actress Katja Niemann is obviously miscast, the diva-like actress Nina Voss hates Leander and the gay and caustic supporting actor Detlev Ruck would rather play the lead himself. Then one of the artists is murdered on the film set. But the incompetent police chief Dieter Drösel, who investigates this murder case, is constantly off the mark with his suspicions. So it remains open until the end who the murderer was.
It's a good thing that you are served an exquisite four-course meal in between. So you have time to digest what you have experienced and to discuss with the other guests who could have been the culprit. And as one of the extras you can even take part in the filming: In two of the scenes, you'll join the other extras in screaming in horror or later enthusiastically snapping along when the leading lady sings. To make sure this works, the director will do a few voice and relaxation exercises with you and the other guests beforehand.

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All information is provided without guarantee.