FREISTIL dinner thriller "Murder on a wedding evening" at Dattler/ Freiburg - with four-course menu and aperitif

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You are at the Dattler restaurant as a guest at a wedding reception. The groom is a wealthy company owner whose parents died in a mysterious accident. He has only recently met his much younger bride in a white dress in a nightclub. The uptight priest who has just married the couple is also a guest, and the groom's brother is a rocker who arrives late to the party drunk. Then an assassination attempt takes place and the wrong person falls victim. And you are already in the middle of a dramatic criminal case.
It's just as well that you are served an exquisite four-course meal in between. This gives you time to digest what you have just experienced and discuss with the other guests who the murderer might have been. And don't worry: apart from singing "Hoch sollen sie leben" to the bride and groom with all the guests, you don't have to play along!

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