FREISTIL dinner thriller "Murder at the company party" at Dattler/ Freiburg - with four-course menu and aperitif

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You work in a company that manufactures condoms and are celebrating the annual company party with your colleagues in the Dattler restaurant. The naïve boss has only recently inherited the business and is obviously completely overwhelmed with running the company. The boss's assistant is a miser who has pushed through a tough cost-cutting program and is secretly pulling the strings. The head of the HR department, who is also a works council member, tries in vain to resist the company's cost-cutting plans. And the pretty intern presents the new advertising campaign for the planned XXL condom. Then a murder occurs and one of the partygoers falls victim. Does the rival company have something to do with the murder or did the perpetrator come from within the company?

It's just as well that you are served an exquisite four-course meal in between. This gives you time to digest what you have just experienced and discuss with the other guests who the culprit is. But don't worry: apart from singing the chorus of the company song together with all your colleagues, you don't have to play along!

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