"Furor" by Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz

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"Furor" by Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz

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Where does this anger come from? Why so much hatred?

In the current play by the successful German author duo Hübner/Nemitz, three people meet who could not be more different.
Ministerial Councilor Braubach, who is in the midst of an election campaign for the office of mayor, arrives in the evening at the modest apartment of single geriatric nurse Nele. Two and a half weeks earlier, he had run over her 17-year-old son with his car, who will now end up in a wheelchair. Although blameless in the accident, Braubach comes up with concrete offers of help. Jerry, Nele's niece, an underpaid parcel delivery person, joins them and she sees the hour of her holy wrath has come; her deep mistrust, anger at corrupt politicians, hatred of an unjust system escalate the situation. At the same time, the battle is raging on the Internet according to its own rules. Angry citizenship, hate campaigns, fake news and even calls for violence - these are all phenomena that have long since moved from the outer fringes to the center of society.

The play, written shortly before Corona (2018), is more relevant today than ever. The same authors have already staged ,,Gretchen 89ff." and ,,Frau Müller muss weg" at Wallgraben Theater.

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30/11/2023 / 07:00 PM / Theatre in the Marienbad

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