Gel printing with acrylic paint and paper

Price: 49.00€

If you fancy a creative hour, you can immerse yourself in a printing technique that guarantees a sense of achievement. You don't need to have any special artistic skills for this workshop, just a desire to experiment with colors and shapes. It is very free and serial work that is a lot of fun. The special thing about this printing technique is the soft, slightly elastic surface of the gelatine plate, which enables an exceptionally fine reproduction of all details. The playful use of strings, nets, stencils and other materials is easy to learn, so that many prints with lively surfaces are created in a short time, also due to the fact that several layers are printed on top of each other. We use the magical coincidence for the prints, each of which is unique or a monotype. Photo transfer is also possible. The workshop will explain how you can easily make a printing plate yourself at home. We work with acrylic paint and print on paper. - Please bring along: Work clothes or an apron, acrylic paints (red, yellow, blue, white and possibly other colors if available), 1 pack of baby wipes (this makes it very easy to remove the paint from the fingers and the gel plate), spatula, scissors, structure-creating objects (strings, lace, fruit nets, etc.), paper for printing 165g - 180 / m², DIN A3 or 4, lino printing roll or kitchen crepe paper.

Course number: 241210440

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