George Gershwin. The Wonderboy

Price: 29.00€

He loved to blow his audience away with a smile and playful ease - she does the same.

Highly talented and full of ideas, he broke out of the rigid norms of individual genres such as classical music and jazz - just like her! George Gershwin and Nadia Singer have a lot in common. Perhaps this is the reason why the great American pianist and composer exerts a strong attraction on the pianist. She would enchant with Gershwin, as he himself once did in his concerts! The young artist has put together a program in which she not only shows off her pianistic talent, but also regularly makes her audience laugh with charming presentations about Gershwin the man. Here she reveals things about the "cheeky" boy that may surprise some: be it the nose that was once kicked by a hoof, the secret piano lessons that not even his parents knew about, or the story of how the aspiring artist woke up rich one morning.

Like Gershwin, the Cologne pianist is always good for a surprise. So it can happen that, in addition to the notes she plays, some of the notes she sings also draw appreciative murmurs and enthusiastic applause. This is Nadia's motto: "Music is not a museum". Music should be alive, the artist should be approachable. This is exactly what the program "Gershwin - Life and Music" promises. Clapping between movements? Yes, please! Sing along and experience a cheerful evening? That's right! And if you spot the likeable entertainer in the crowd during the interval: feel free to approach her!

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