German Brass
It's Christmas Time - 50th anniversary tour

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German Brass - It's Christmas Time - 50th anniversary tour

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The GERMAN BRASS ensemble brings together top musicians, each of whom is one of the best in their field. In their inimitable interplay, they offer unique, unrivaled musical enjoyment. With a new Christmas album in their luggage, Europe's most successful classical brass ensemble by far will embark on a major Christmas tour in December 2024.

Thanks to their outstanding virtuosity and their keen sense for the individual sound characteristics of a piece, GERMAN BRASS have had a decisive influence on brass culture for decades. Their incomparable arrangements of Johann Sebastian Bach's works have made them world-famous. Critics and music lovers all over the world bow before them. In 2016, the jury of the German Phono Academy recognized the outstanding musical achievements of the top ensemble and awarded GERMAN BRASS the ECHO KLASSIK in the "Ensemble/Orchestra" category.

GERMAN BRASS will present their new musical Christmas program in the Advent season 2024. Entertaining, with a great deal of enthusiasm and at the very highest musical level, the exceptional musicians promise the audience a musical experience in a class of its own. In addition to Christmas sounds from all over the world, festive and classical melodies by Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, George Frideric Handel and Peter Tchaikovsky unfold in the symphonic splendor and unique dynamics of GERMAN BRASS.

Founded in 1974, the ensemble continues to write its success story and fills concert halls at home and abroad. In almost half a century, GERMAN BRASS has become an indispensable part of the global music scene and has repeatedly set new standards. Without losing character or identity, new line-ups have been mastered with aplomb. In the process, the exceptional quality of the formation has been continuously enhanced. Over the years, each member has enriched the tentet with valuable expertise and contributed to its success. Over the years, an enormous wealth of musical knowledge has been gathered, which is carefully preserved and passed on by the ensemble.

The highly professional attitude and consistent striving for perfection have always formed the basis for the ensemble's continuity. In combination with a pronounced musical curiosity and the open exchange of ideas among all members of the ensemble, an unsurpassable musical flexibility and diversity unfolds. GERMAN BRASS has long since overcome the traditional notion that the interpretative style of a brass ensemble is shaped and embodied by a leading personality. The artistic image has always been determined by the character traits of all the musicians in the ensemble, which open up unimagined dimensions of sound when they play together collectively.

Seemingly effortlessly, GERMAN BRASS crosses national musical boundaries, changes musical styles with astonishing ease and takes the audience on fascinating journeys through the worlds of classical and popular music. This extraordinary quality is reflected in countless acclaimed concerts all over the world and in many outstanding recordings released by EMI, Berlin Classics, Universal Music and Sony Classical.

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