Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - Introduction to the model according to Marshall B. Rosenberg

How can we communicate our concerns in such a way that we are truly understood? And how can we remain open to what someone wants to say when, for example, we hear accusations?answers to these questions are offered by the language concept, "Nonviolent Communication" by Marshall leads to more understanding in interpersonal interaction, whether private or professional.conflicts can be solved at their root.furthermore, the model conveys an inner attitude that enables us to meet ourselves and other people with appreciation and empathy.The seminar uses numerous exercises to teach the basics of Nonviolent Communication, so that all participants have the tools they need to practice in everyday life. The cost of the script (€10), which is required for each participant, will be settled directly with the course leader on site.

Course leader: Salvason, Ronya. The seminar leader has been working intensively with NVC since 2005 and has been teaching it since 2011. She also offers empathic accompaniment, coaching and mediation based on NVC. She is an accredited trainer in the Professional Association of Nonviolent Communication ( at

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All information is provided without guarantee.