Giant Rooks - ZMF Freiburg

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The last few years have been good to Giant Rooks: world tours, hundreds of millions of streams and several hit singles ("Morning Blue", "Bedroom Exile"). Nevertheless - or perhaps precisely because of this - there was enough room for reflection and maturation, resulting in a consolidated sound and gratitude. The latter especially for their fans, without whom the continuous flight to new heights would never have been possible. The new single "For You" (Irrsinn Tonträger / Vertigo Berlin) also shows with its title who the Rooks make their music for.
They say about the song:
The song is very close to our hearts. It's the first track on our second album and also the first one we wrote for it. We've been playing it at our live shows for a while now and we're really surprised at how much the fans connect with the song. We're really excited that it's finally officially out!"
The track is an anthem to that one person you'd do anything for at the end of the day. From the very first second, a piano intro provides the right emotional setting, unobtrusive strings set further heart-warming accents and, at the latest when the drums kick in with rousing gravitas, the emotions should be fully activated.
Nostalgic, warm images should quickly arise in the mind's eye of all listeners when the promise is made: "We make it count together / one day lie down forever. When the sun sets I'll be waiting / at the shore for you"
There couldn't be a better song to open "How Have You Been", the Giant Rooks' second album, which will be released on February 2, 2024.
How Have You Been - How have you been? A simple but important question that, with its honest and caring interest between friends, together with "For You", promises a particularly profound tone for the eagerly awaited second album.

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