Freiburg Baroque Orchestra & Ensemble Recherche: Glamour!

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Henry Purcell: Suite from The Married Beau
Donnacha Dennehy: Glamour Sleeper (2003)
Antonio Bertali: Ciaccona in C major
David Lang: burn notice (1988)
Michael Gordon: the light of the dark (2008)
Antonio Vivaldi: Trio Sonata in D minor La Follia
Georg Muffat: Passacaglia from Sonata V in G major
Guillaume Connesson: Techno Parade (2002)

Ensemble Recherche
Freiburger BarockConsort

The FBO has had a close friendship with the Ensemble Recherche not only since 2012, but this year the two orchestras moved into the Ensemblehaus Freiburg, a joint working domicile not far from the Musikhochschule. In this inspiring and exciting residential community, ideas for joint projects that combine old and new music keep emerging and have already been realized in successful concert programs.
This season, the members of the Freiburger BarockConsort and Ensemble Recherche will devote themselves to particularly dazzling works of the High Baroque and contemporary music as part of the concert program ,,Glamour!". The focus is on compositions that sound with "groovy" basses and dazzling upper voices. It is above all the tension between the filigree consort compositions and the partly electronically amplified contemporary works that make the program equally varied and exciting. At the same time, the audience is taken into unfamiliar sound worlds and unexpected listening regions.

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