Glasperlenspiel at the ZMF 2024

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Something is happening on the GPS stage: GLASPERLENSPIEL is undergoing a live evolution and presenting itself on stage - as a DUO, just like in the early days!

After ten years on stage with their band - guitar, keys, drums - Caro and Daniel are closing the circle and going full circle: in addition to brilliant festival shows and open airs, punchy, intensely sweaty club atmos is one of the places where the act feels very much at home these days. GLASPERLENSPIEL's new output also shows that they have missed the clubby shows.

The universe between Ski Aggu, Yung Yuri and 01099 has inspired singer, songwriter and producer Daniel in particular in recent years, and now the dance duo are taking the next step and living what they have long felt on stage: dancing uninhibitedly, partying confidently!

The band will definitely not be saying goodbye to big pop and infectious melodies, because their hearts are in it for good - but the two have long felt drawn to hyperpop. They have already delivered a first taste with "Emma" and then followed it up with the clubby, dark "So Egal", the collab with STEVIO and Bastian Stein.

A club tour will now follow in 2024, on which they will rediscover their roots as a duo and present their updated club sound. The time is ripe and right: their fans are enthusiastically joining them on their way to the club and effortlessly grasp the Glasperlenspiel 3.0 concept: you don't need a huge band to make a big sound. Daniel's doped-up beats, the pop-strong arrangements of the songs and Caro's mesmerizing performance are captivating and get the audience's feet moving. You can look forward to new material - a reunion with GLASPERLENSPIEL 2024 will be the hottest date of the season!

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26/05/2024 / 02:00 PM / Heinrich-Hansjakob-Haus

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