Goetz Widmann

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Goetz Widmann

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Götz Widmann is a singer-songwriter, but one who would rather raise his middle finger than his index finger. Examples of this genre are extremely rare, which is what makes an evening with the punk among song poets such a special experience. It is usually highly amusing, sometimes shocking, but always extremely refreshing to listen to this truly independent spirit, who is allergic to muzzles of all kinds, does not allow himself to be harnessed to any political cart and simply sweeps aside prohibitions of thought from any direction with his wit.

Honesty has always been more important to him than a cultivated tone, his choice of words is a nightmare for any German teacher. Nevertheless, Götz Widmann's songs have their very own linguistic elegance. And despite all the malice, his oeuvre, which now comprises 20 albums, is characterized above all by a radical love of humanity, a never-tiring call for independent thinking, heart-warming humour and, ultimately, a life-embracing profundity that can be found almost nowhere else in our borderline-debauched world. Always at his best live, now with his latest album "Blütenduft" and an ever-changing mix of hits and surprises from over three decades of permanently inspired creativity.


Photo: Pauline Strassberger
Editing: Sven K

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