Gogol & Mäx - Teatro Musicomico

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Gogol & Mäx When classical music resounds in the venerable theater hall and the audience can hardly keep itself in its seats with laughter and amazement, then the musical comedians Gogol & Mäx are at work.They are the birds of paradise in the world of classical music and have been providing unforgettable evenings in concert halls and theaters all over Europe for more than 30 years with their dysentery-shaking, tempo and witty musical fireworks of sound. No sooner has the pianist, who is dressed in black, taken to the piano for his solo than he is engaged in hair-raising, hilarious duels by Mäx, his long-maned counterpart, with witty cunning and trickery.The audience enchanters have a good two dozen instruments and their favorite musical and artistic scenes in their luggage and transform concert halls and theaters into thunderous arenas of the greatest hilarity in the blink of an eye.Teatro Musicomico two brilliant hours of light-hearted, soulful laughter and amazement.more information: https://www.gogolmaex.deFoto: Karin Bühler

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