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Gravity - Piano concerto

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An interplanetary journey of music
We cordially invite you to a fascinating piano solo program presenting "cosmic" melodies.
This extraordinary concert is a must for all fans of space and space music. Every composition is in some way connected to space and interstellar travel. The pianist of Simple Music Ensemble World will play, for example, the soundtrack of the movie "Gravity" by Steven Price, music by Hans Zimmer from "Interstellar", melodies by Coldplay, Max Richter and many other captivating pieces.
During the concert, the audience will embark on an interplanetary journey together with the pianist from Simple Music Ensemble World. The sense of time and space - all this remains outside the concert hall, somewhere on a beautiful blue planet. We promise that at the end of the concert, everyone will return to Earth safe and relaxed.
You should not miss this exciting experience if you have the opportunity.
Simple Music Ensemble World is a chamber music community that organizes concerts on the best stages in the world and brings together professional musicians from different countries who genuinely love their work. The team is diverse and constantly evolving, introducing new ideas and pushing the boundaries of its creative activity.

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