Greek dances from Macedonia and dances of the Pontians

Words can divide, the Greek dance connects. It connects hands, the air we breathe, sorrow and longing, dreams - and it expresses the bond within the community. The Black Sea Greeks ("Evxenos Pontos" - the sea that is kind to strangers) have preserved their own dialect and culture. The Pontians can hardly imagine life without dance, especially outside their homeland. Dances are often accompanied only by the three-sided lyre. The rich folk music of Macedonia with wind instruments, clarinets, zurna, shows influences from Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey (in the south-east) as well as Greece (in the south). Roma music has also always been an essential part of Macedonian music, and this course is open to anyone who enjoys movement and wants to get involved in the Greek way of life and dance. Suitable for dance instructors as well as people with no previous knowledge.

Course leader: Ulatowski, Holger. The instructor is a dance teacher and lecturer at the Friedel Kloke-Eibl InstituteMore at

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