Gun Love // 15+ years

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Gun Love // 15+ years - DERNIÈRE

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Director: T. Schneider // Play: L. Wirth, C. Müller "Gun Love" - a poetic story full of harsh realism. At the center is the girl Pearl, who grows up with her mother in an old Ford Mercury. This loving mother-daughter story unfolds like a ballad in the deep south of the United States. Set in the back seat of the wheel-less car, between a garbage tip, a trailer park and two highways, the American dream is turned into its opposite. For the world outside the windshield has fallen prey to guns, which inevitably find their way into Pearl's life with unstoppable destructive force.

"Gun Love" is a hypnotic story of family, community and America's love affair with firearms, told from the perspective of a sharp-eyed teenager. Fourteen-year-old Pearl lives in the front seat of a broken-down car and her mother Margot lives in the back. Together they survive on a diet of love songs and stolen cigarettes.

Life on the edge of a Florida trailer park is strange enough, but when the pastors 'Guns for God' program brings Eli Redmond to town Pearl's world is upended. Eli pays regular visits to Margot in the back seat, forcing Pearl to find a world beyond the car. This world is marked by guns and their deadly potential finds the way into Pearls live.

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