Hansel and Gretel

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Listen to the rustling in the trees! - Do you know what the forest is saying now? - "Little children, little children," he asks, "are you not afraid?" It is the primal fears of children (and adults) that are addressed in the famous story of Hansel and Gretel's adventures in the forest. And it is about overcoming these very fears as a step towards individuation and a self-determined life. Director Kateryna Sokolova approaches the timeless masterpiece by Grimm and Humperdinck in a fairytale-like, multi-layered way and with all kinds of stage magic. Note for teachers: Click[here] for our collection of materials to prepare for or follow up on the performance.https://media02.culturebase.org/data/docs-theater-freiburg/theater_freiburg_haensel_und_gretel.pdf

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