Happy Reincarnation

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100 years of Alemannische Bühne - 10 years of Theater Flügelschuh!

In the waiting room of a fictitious German reincarnation company, seven people prepare for their rebirth. They chat relentlessly about what has been and what could be in a more "ideal" life. They comfort, argue and seduce each other. When the group learns that their conversation is being digitally recorded to make it easier for future generations to reincarnate, unexpected moments of tension and emotional outbursts ensue.

With quick, clear, black-humored punchlines, author Christoph Schlemmer creates a light-footed, optimistic comedy that is touching and thought-provoking.

"Happy Reincarnation: The happiest rebirth of all time." (Berliner Zeitung)

A guest performance by Theater Flügelschuh with:
Gregor Marstaller, Marlene Lickert, Alexander Schwarzkopf, Julia Marstaller, Natascha Domonell, Achim Freund, Mareike Glönkler, Benedikt Bachert

Directed by: Manon Oswald

The play is performed in High German.

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