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Dino Rock for the whole family!


Four dinosaurs and a dragon playing rock music for the whole family, with kid-friendly lyrics and a great show for the little biggest fans. That's HEAVYSAURUS! 2023 the hottest band for kids goes on big ,,Kaugummi ist mega!" tour.
HEAVYSAURUS have already played over 100 shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the past years and have always thrilled not only the children, but also their parents and grandparents. Because every HEAVYSAURUS concert is a spectacle for the whole family. The little fans have long been able to sing along to hits like "Treasure Hunt", "I want a milkshake", "Strong as a tiger" or "UFO Workshop", spin faster than a tornado during "Heavy Twister" and celebrate a big "Dino Disco" party every time. The result: sold-out halls, great atmosphere and happy rockers of all ages. And at home, the songs from the two albums ,,Rock'n'Rarrr Music" (2018) and ,,Saviour of the World" (2020), which are also well received by parents, run on a continuous loop.
And the fun continues! For 2023, the next HEAVYSAURUS concert show is on the horizon. The four dinos (and the dragon) will put on more than 70 shows in the coming year alone during the "Kaugummi ist mega!" tour in 2023. The program awaiting 3- to 11-year-olds and their companions will also be "mega. It will be even more colorful and spectacular," promises singer Mr. Heavysaurus, an (almost) real Tyrannosaurus Rex. ,,For many children, our show is their first concert experience - and we want to and will make that unforgettable for them and their family!"
HEAVYSAURUS (and the five professional musicians who are in the cool dino costumes and deliver a real live performance) thus do a great service to the early musical education of children and have long been considered one of the most important projects for the next generation of rock & metal and beyond. Because: Rock music and kids, that fits perfectly, as the extremely successful ongoing "Savior of the World" tour shows these days. Rock is very expressive," explains Riffi Raffi, the guitar-playing dragon. It's loud, you can jump, dance and be wild. All things that children like to do when they play anyway. With us, they additionally show the fry fork like the grown-ups, and everyone has fun. The adults, too."
By the way: in 2023 the young ,,Dino-Metalheads" can finally meet Riffi Raffi (guitar), Muffi Puffi (bass), Komppi Momppi (drums), Milli Pilli (keyboards) and of course Mr. Heavysaurus in person again. Because there will be limited VIP ticket contingents, which will make it possible for the smallest biggest fans to shake the paws of the dinos backstage.
For parents: The concerts will take place in the afternoons and with adjusted volume.

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All information is provided without guarantee.