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The kids want to rock! HEAVYSAURUS are four dinosaurs and a dragon who bring rock music for the whole family to the stage - a real live experience with child-friendly lyrics and a bombastic show. A new album will be released in February and the band will be going on a big "POMMESGABEL TOUR"! Even the youngest fans are familiar with the "Pommesgabel": forefinger and little finger outstretched, hand proudly stretched upwards - the identifying mark of all rockers and dino-metalheads of all ages. So of course the next HEAVYSAURUS album has to be called "POMMESGABEL". It will be released on February 2, 2024 and will continue the story of the five music-making prehistoric creatures in brand new songs.
Once again, HEAVYSAURUS offer powerful riffs, great melodies and rousing drum beats to which the little (or big) listeners can sing, dance and freak out as they please. Real rock music, sometimes wild, sometimes quiet, with lyrics especially for the biggest little fans. The first foretaste has already been released with the single "Luna - our dog", followed by the next song "Flugsaurier" at the end of July.
To celebrate the album in style, HEAVYSAURUS (and the five professional musicians dressed in the cool dinosaur costumes and playing live) will be on the road from February: The ,,POMMESGABEL TOUR" will stop in over 120 cities to offer a unique concert experience to 3 to 11-year-olds and their companions of all ages: Four dinos and a dragon, with real instruments on a big stage, with light spectacles, fog, showers of sparks, balloons and confetti. And of course with songs that many children (and parents) can already sing along to, such as "Chewing gum is mega", "Strong as a tiger" and of course "Rarrr", the dinos' battle cry that many laughing mouths love to shout along to. All five green-scaled musicians are also looking forward to finally playing new songs from the "POMMESGABEL" album.
HEAVYSAURUS have already played over 300 shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in recent years, delighting not only children but also their parents and grandparents. Because every Heavysaurus concert is a spectacle for the whole family. The result: sold-out halls, a great atmosphere and happy rockers of all ages. And at home, the songs from the two albums "Rock'n'Rarrr Music" (2018) and "Savior of the World" (2020), which also go down well with parents, are playing on a continuous loop.
"It's always been important to us to teach children to enjoy rock music and heavy metal," explains singer Mr. Heavysaurus. "We are delighted to be able to offer some of our little fans their very first concert experience at
! Everyone in the band has loved live music for, well, 65
million years. It's great when our little friends enjoy it just as much." The "real" Tyrannosaurus Rex adds with his usual
self-confidence: "And of course we want to win the hearts
of all metal fans. Parents, grandparents and big
siblings will also have fun with us. The POMMESGABEL TOUR will be an experience - that's a promise. Big dino
word of honor."
By the way: In 2024, the young dino metalheads can once again meet Riffi Raffi (guitar), Muffi Puffi
(bass), Komppi Momppi (drums), Milli Pilli (keyboards) and of course Mr. Heavysaurus himself
. Because there will be limited VIP ticket contingents, which will make it possible for the biggest little fans
to meet the dinosaurs, shake their paws and take photos.
In addition, Heavysaurus are now official brand ambassadors of 'Die Arche', a
Germany-wide organization that supports disadvantaged children and their families.
"Our partnership with Die Arche reflects our commitment not only to make great music
for children, but also to make a positive impact on their lives," explains
Michael Thiesen from Frechdachs Entertainment. "Together we want to create a world in which
all children have the opportunity to realize their dreams. The cooperation with 'Die Arche'
is a matter close to our hearts. We believe that music has the power to
touch and connect people. By working with 'Die Arche', we want to help children in
difficult life situations and show them that they are not alone."
For parents: the concerts take place in the afternoons and at an appropriate volume. Wherever
possible, there is a separate children's area in front of the stage with the best view for the little ones too.
And don't worry: the dinosaurs won't bite.

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