Heinrich del Core - ,,Advent Advent and everyone runs".

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Advent Advent and everyone runs"
Every year again one looks forward to the Christ Child!
But as soon as the pre-Christmas season begins, the heavenly calm is over. Candles are put up, wreaths are tied.
Advent is when the wife clears out the cellar and decorates the apartment. As a man, you want to iron the laundry once a year, but all the sockets are occupied by fairy lights.
In the city centers, you struggle through the crowds of people looking for presents. On the 23rd of December, we're exhausted and have to realize: Finally I have my presents together, now only the ones for the others are missing!
The best thing to do is to switch to "Swabian gift-giving". No more buying, better the Advent over always the packages for the neighbors accept!
And if then only the family occurs... in former times one ate, what came on the table. Today, the son is vegetarian, his girlfriend vegan, the daughter with pronounced dungarees intolerance and the wife also already puts milk in the sugar.
Christmas is actually the festival of love, but can we still talk about it when the wife bakes mountains of "Bredle" (Christmas cookies), but then hides them away so that the husband doesn't eat them before Christmas? On Christmas Eve, you have to go in search of "Bredle". Christmas becomes more like Easter.
However, we should not forget that the right questions are asked during Advent, such as:
1. Can the three kings also be rated with stars?
2. why do I rhyme mulled wine with ,,I can't go to work tomorrow"
3. why do 9 out of 10 geese recommend roast beef as a festive meal?
And most importantly, at the end of the year, you also get right with your partner: "Darling, if I have offended, annoyed or disappointed you in the past year, let me tell you: it will have been for a reason."
Heinrich Del Core was born during the Christmas season, his father Italian and his mother Swabian, so it is inevitable that all sorts of things will get mixed up. And if you, like Heinrich Del Core, have a birthday on December 6 and your father has nothing to do with Santa Clauses, well, Merry Christmas.
The numerous price-crowned Kabarettist and Comedian convinces with its very kurzweiligen and pointenreichen Christmas program and creates a singular connection and proximity to the public, which will find itself laughing again and again in its irrwitzig narrated stories.......
Heinrich Del Core was born in Rottweil as the son of an Italian guest worker. After completing his secondary education, he initially decided to train as a dental technician.
Only very late, namely in 1995, he began to deal with comedy magic. Comedy magic turned into standup comedy and cabaret. He quit his job as a dental technician in 2000 and has since been a successful comedian and cabaret artist on
Germany's stages as well as a guest on numerous TV shows.

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