Heinrich del Core
Yay, my wife is going to be a grandma!

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Heinrich del Core - Yay, my wife is going to be a grandma!

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When Heinrich Del Core tells his everyday stories in his red shoes, you want to exclaim: "Stop it! That never, ever happened, he just made it up!" But all these incidents, which make us laugh so incredulously and heartily, were experienced by him. Heinrich Del Core is a magnet that attracts bizarre everyday situations, which he then presents to us with his inimitable witty charm.
And now the time has come: Heinrich is going to be a grandfather. Or to put it another way: his wife is going to be a grandma!
The new situation turns everything upside down. From one day to the next, Del Core's world is a different one. He buys a baby carriage that costs as much as a moped used to and a Thermomix today. He downloads baby apps for his wife and bakes mother cakes for family coffee mornings. Then they get married, environmentally conscious and vegan. But there's no real joy in throwing unpeeled wholegrain rice at the bride and groom.
But with grandparents, many problems disappear into thin air. Take the bedroom, for example: how often has restful sleep been prevented by the wife's cold feet, the perpetual battle for the comforter or because the husband rivals a leaf blower in terms of volume and air pressure. When the grandchild comes to visit at the weekend, Heinrich has to move out.
Naturally, his self-confidence suffers. And doesn't "Grandpa" sound really old? He actually feels younger - except when he gets up in the morning. Sometimes his joints make noises. But his wife always encourages him: "Heinrich, you're really crisp". In general, she seems to be coping much better with the new situation. She says: "Being a grandma is like being a mom - only beautiful". She has never worried about getting older. She once left a note for the children: "Are at the cemetery" and Heinrich wrote underneath: "But will be back".
But despite all the changes in his life, this program is a typical Heinrich Del Core evening, as he says himself:
"My wife is going to be a granny, but I'm staying the same."

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