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Whether it's okay to make jokes about any subject has been hotly debated in recent years. The much more interesting question, however, is whether it's okay not to make jokes. How much emotional range can a comedy program take?
Helene Bockhorst tries it out - and dares the balancing act between humor and depth. In her genre-busting one-woman freak show, she presents herself.
Come in, clear the ring - take a seat in the most invigorating roller coaster since feelings have existed! Only here you will see the strongest woman in the world, the woman with the underbelly and the tightrope act of German comedy. She balances on the fine line between foreign shame and enlightenment. Jumps from the trapeze of good humor and relies on the audience to catch her. And throws knives unerringly into the hearts of the audience.
Don't worry, there will be a lot of laughter and celebration of life this evening. But there will also be storytelling, amazement and compassion. Because in the end we all just want one thing: to be loved, just as we are. In happy moments as well as in melancholic ones. And why should an artist be satisfied with less.

"This is cheeky, modern, very well thought out and incredibly well acted. There's a star rising in the comedy sky."
Statement of the jury for the award of the Kleinkunstpreis Baden Württemberg

More info: https://helenebockhorst.com/

Photo: Thommy Mardo

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