Hennes Bender - Wiedersehn macht Freude

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Hennes Bender is out again. And the longest-serving German-speaking stand-up pioneer has lost none of his form: The Pottfather of German Comedy returns to the stages in the practical space-saving vertical format.
Equipped with the latest experiences of the last years, the showbiz survivor shows that the latest parking lot performances or presentations in front of plexiglass audiences could not harm him thanks to his 30 years of stage experience:
He wants the title of his new program to be understood as an appeal to his audience, because he can finally put on and take off his mask and also his nervous suit to his heart's content in front of real people, in order to laugh heartily together about the madness of life. The most important questions of our time are not left unanswered: What to do if there really should be a squirrel invasion? Will only hamstered toilet paper and/or sunflower oil really help then? And what do real hamsters actually say about it? Will humans ever learn how to ride escalators properly? No streaming, podcasting or home offices will help here - the only thing that will help is to drop by, sit down and indulge in the entertainment: The comedy comeback you've had to wait a long time for. Even Hennes Bender himself. Being there is everything, if it is called again: Wiedersehn macht Freude.

More info: https://www.hennesbender.de

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