Herbert & Mimi Angelphoniker

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For ages 3 and up

It's almost Christmas! So, birthday party time for the Christ Child! And - Herbert and Mimi have the honor of playing with the angel orchestra that frames the celebration! And - they get to copy the sheet music of the brand new Christmas song! And - they have a problem! The sheet music has disappeared without a trace! It doesn't help that Herbert blames Mimi and Mimi blames Herbert. The fact is that the two of them are not allowed to show their faces again until they have found the sheet music. A feverish search begins and the race against time! Oh you merry!

By and with: Helga Jud, Manfred Unterluggauer
Idea, direction and production: Helga Jud, Manfred Unterluggauer

For more information: https://www.herbertundmimi.at/

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