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HE/RO - No reason to panic tour

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,,We're not cool kids from Berlin or indie boys from Stuttgart. We're just Heiko and Roman from Darmstadt and we make music for people who tick the same way
as we do. Straight to the face and straight to the heart."

Nowhere is this attitude clearer than in HE/RO's music: "We want to create something special with our songs and live shows. People should enjoy the music and be able to immerse themselves in their own world for a moment. To live through their personal "hero's journey" with all the emotions that go with it, such as love, pain, courage and hope. And in this we are perhaps something like companions".

HE/RO, who shaped an entire generation as teen stars "Die Lochis", have a lot to tell and simply say things as they are. They like to be profound and honestly emotional, but always relatable and accessible. Not through the flower and around the corner, but very immediate and direct - they skillfully bridge the gap between Gen Z, millennials and beyond.
HE/RO prove what this sounds like not only with their brand new song "So kalt", their currently hyped chart hit "Jetzt weinst Du" or their viral hit "Kuss an dich", which has now collected more than 20 million streams, but also with singles such as "Verrückte Phase", "Gar Nix" or "Unsichtbar" and finally their debut album "Teen Star Dilemma", which entered the official album charts at number 13.
All of this comes together in the pop-rock-postpunk sound of HE/RO. Not a rip-off, but an add-on. With rough edges. Bold, progressive and sometimes playful, but never too cerebral. Catchy choruses and clear emotions, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet.
After a successful start to the new year, a new era is approaching at HE/RO with lots of new music and a new stage show. Is something still missing? Yes, they are also live monsters. 2023 was the first time HE/RO went on tour with a live band. Band action, mosh pits and encores included. "It was amazing!" HE/RO are still hyped about the concerts in January. You can't describe this very special energy that arises on stage, you have to feel it.
HE/RO have now confirmed the "KEIN GRUND ZUR PANIK TOUR 2024" with live band - a stable 22 dates have been booked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in December 2024 and January 2025. HE/RO are really looking forward to the marathon - goosebumps moment, because live is unsurpassed with HE/RO.

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