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Instagrammatik - Das streamende Klassenzimmer

The new comedy program from the son of corrections

Mr. Schröder is back! Soon the state-certified German teacher will go on tour with his new solo "Instagrammatik - Das streamende Klassenzimmer".

A lot has changed at the Helene Fischer Comprehensive School since then:

The media car has Netflix, the textbooks are available as podcasts and bedridden students are connected via livestream. Plus, Fridays are now always free - #classclimate. The teacher shortage is made up for by YouTube tutorials: a re-socialization program with better exam results than ever before - the Kultusmysterium is at a loss.

Although everything is new, some things have of course remained the same. The copier reports a paper jam without a rescue lane, protozoa are mating in the blackboard sponge, and chalk dust lies on the "Effi Briest" reading pile. "Frankfurt/Oder" is still a reassuring decision question for the class leader Justin, and the sports teacher remains a dear, dear colleague: Zodiac sign No-Buck, in the ascendant Big Mat Car.

To pick up Mr. Schröder where he stands, his 12a sets him up with an Instagram account. Under #korrekturensohn2.0, the most important school policy issues are discussed here: When will there finally be video evidence in the classroom? What is Mr. Schröder doing at the Young Teachers' Roundtable? And does he really sing "Breathless through G8" at the end of the lesson?

Visit "Instagrammatik" and look forward to a double hour of detention deluxe. But don't worry: none of this is relevant to the exam, and if you cooperate well, Mr. Schröder will finish 5 minutes early.

"Mr. Schröder has managed to bring something wildly new out of the rather classic figure of a teacher. He is the Bad Teacher gone wild, calling all former students on stage for revenge. And who doesn't want to take revenge on his teachers ... In this respect, a large audience beckons him." (Thomas Hermanns)


The goal of realizing his own comedy and stage project drew German teacher Johannes Schröder in 2014 from Offenburg to Toronto, Canada, where he learned the basics of punchlines in numerous comedy clubs. Back in his native city of Berlin, he began writing his first comedy program. With his debut "World of Lehrkraft - Ein Trauma geht in Erfüllung" the comedian toured very successfully through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, won numerous prestigious awards such as the Stuttgarter Besen and the Prix Pantheon and celebrated his first solo TV broadcast on RTL.

In October 2019, Mr. Schröder will publish his first book. "World of Lehrkraft - Ein Pädagoge packt aus" was published by Ullstein Verlag and became a Spiegel bestseller.

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