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Here's my key philosophy: A freak like me just needs infinity!
Infinity promises everything and delivers nothing. Infinity sounds good and you can't imagine anything. Infinity is infinity. Don't stop believin'! Follow your dreams! We die when we are dead! Next stop - Infinity!
A program like a rush between sugar shock, cocaine abuse and Super RTL on 120 decibels. It's like a 90s Eurodance song, it's over, it's loud, it's gaudy, it's somehow stuck and current at the same time. Everything comes back. Somehow. Sometime. Future. To. Infinity.

The new fragrance for Jeremy. Use discount code HINNERK23 to get the ticket for exactly the same price as everyone else. Infinity - the remix of humor. Hinnerk Köhn does stand up comedy and music. This is what will happen. Infinity. With a break in this infinity. Key. Philosophy. Thisthis. A comedy program like a guilty pleasure.

more info: https://www.hinnerk-koehn.de/

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All information is provided without guarantee.