Historix-Tours: Hangmen, whores, vice life - city tour with actor

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The executioner tour
With Historix-Tours® actor in the role of the executioner of Freiburg

He is to be pitied, executioner Werlin Grossholz, because: The death penalty has been abolished! So now, of necessity, he creates for us and ... no fear, he does nothing ... lectures exclusively and not infrequently crudely about cutting and stabbing. He gets excited about bathers, moralizers, venereal diseases. And he dreams aloud of the "good old days" when it still meant something to feel "whacked"!

Meeting point: Schwabentorsteg staircase (at the Schwabentor)
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Entertaining, funny, but at times also dark and gloomy tour through the winding alleys of Freiburg's upper town with an actor in the role of the "Hangman of Freiburg". The tour starts and ends at the Schwabentor.

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