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Historix-Tours: Minster, gates, city legends

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Guided tour with actor Freiburg compact proffesional show tour with a costumed actor from Historix-Tours®.

Historix-Tours® legendary tour through the old town of Freiburg. A (more or less) classic walk through the enchanting alleys of the Breisgau metropolis: past three (!) city gates, over countless brooks to the cathedral. Along the way, you will learn about notorious Freiburg inventions, demolition-mad citizens' initiatives and "Hollywood" filming. Exciting as well as fun basic knowledge and much more: ideal for guests, newcomers and actually also old residents!

Meeting point: At the Predigertor corner Rotteckring / Unterlinden (Attention! It is not a city gate, but a high-rise building at the street corner Rotteckring unf Unterlinden)
Duration: Approx. 105 minutes

Further guided tours, events at www.historix-tours.de
The exciting city games of Historix-Tours you will find at www.mysterytrail.de

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All information is provided without guarantee.