Horst Evers - I'm not someone who hangs around the big bell

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Horst Evers tells stories from the middle of the here and now: experiences, incidents and observations in which he lovingly transfigures our everyday life, our increasingly disturbing present, into the comic with a lot of wit and a pinch of wisdom.
Horst Evers tells stories: Reads, shouts, drones, hisses and booms them out that it just has a way. There is a lot in this program, as always packed in many small, harmless beginning stories. Above all, it's terrific fun.
But it's best to see it for yourself. So far, it has always been very rewarding for everyone involved.

Winner of the most prestigious awards on the German cabaret market, he is also the author of numerous bestsellers.

As if by chance, he discovers the fantastic in the everyday. With his grotesque view of the world, he succeeds time and again in outwitting reality.
(From the laudatory speech of the German Cabaret Prize)

More info: https://horst-evers.de/

Photo: Thomas Nitz

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