Jakob Schwerdtfeger - A picture for the gods

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What does hot dog eating have to do with art? How much rosé do I have to drink to avoid attracting attention in art circles? And why do men always slap each other on the back when they hug, as if the other person were a piñata? Jakob Schwerdtfeger has the answers, because he is an art historian and battle rapper. Just as unusual as this combination is his perspective on art: "For me, the Mona Lisa was like sex on the beach. I imagined it hornier." Jakob Schwerdtfeger worked for a long time at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and has been performing on stage for eight years. Humorous, self-deprecating and biting, he looks behind the scenes of the art world and tells of risky April Fools' jokes with works worth millions. Influenced by high culture and hip-hop, his life plays out between exhibition openings and cockfights. His topics range from chess to swimming pool fries, from baroque to Bushido. He always has a snoot on his shoulder and a joke on his neck. Oh yes, and in this show he reveals the surefire recipe to immeasurable wealth. You should have seen it, because Jakob Schwerdtfeger's performance on stage is a picture for the gods.

Schwerdtfeger's performance is a vehement declaration of love to the fine arts. (General-Anzeiger Bonn)

More info: https://jakob-schwerdtfeger.com

Photo: Marvin Ruppert

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