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Jenny Thiele does what she wants. She is a musician, songwriter, producer, dancer and performer. Plays theater, produces electronic music or composes catchy songs between folk and indie pop like on her current solo album Killing time. Constantly reinvents herself and plays on many different stages. She has been on the road as singer and keyboardist with the indie trio
Fortuna Ehrenfeld for five years now, even to the sold-out Kölner Philharmonie, and has toured tirelessly through the club landscapes. With the release of her second solo album Killing time, the jack-of-all-trades ushers in a new musical era.
The songs recorded by Jenny Thiele on her own seduce, they gently respond to serious issues of the present and turn them into the light. With reduced instrumentation, Thiele directs the musical gaze inward. "To this end, elements of vastness are woven in again and again, almost wistfully: Airplanes, Milky Ways, the exoplanet Proxima B. The cover with abgespacten purple clarifies: it's about Weltschmerz, but with another planet." (Sophia Fritz, author) However, Thiele's positive charisma and her resounding laughter are the latest to bring the audience back to this earth.

"The album shows how great pop can be. Everything is so delicate, playful and
unpretentious that you can't be immune to shock infatuation."
(Max Feller, Frizz Magazine, Turntable)

Admission 7:30 p.m.

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Photo: Anny Schwartz

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