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JEREMIAS never stand still two years ago the band released their debut album ,,golden hour" and played a sold out tour to go with it. These last two years have been very exciting for them "Movement is basically beautiful new smells, new voice n, new cities, be re-inspired."
The live season 2023 started with the second edition of the band's own open air at Waschhaus Potsdam, which was again a resounding success in front of 5,000 spectators
After the season, their second album Von Wind und Anonymität was released on September 22 "The wind can destroy, but also drive a sailboat across the ocean..." JEREMIAS have found a metaphor for the force that fills their lives and drives their creativity, and this ambivalence is what the new album is about.
The first single from it - ,,Verrückt" released JEREMIAS on June 23. The energetic track revolves around the turmoil the band has experienced in their years of existence: 'We wrote a song about intoxication. ' is a bit older, has been through many versions, but is still relevant and perfect for us now."
The upcoming "Ich fühl' alles für dich mit" tour is even named after a line from Verrückt, so present are the images for the band from Hanover. For JEREMIAS, live shows are also always the perfect opportunity to try out new songs; they regularly test unreleased material in front of live audiences. On July 17, 2024, they will open the ZMF.

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