Jess Jochimsen - Last errands

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As always at the end of December, Jess Jochimsen reviews the past year in his very own way. Supported by the great Alexander Paeffgen on the grand piano, the Freiburg cabaret artist and author turns off the notorious right-wingers and proves what satire can be: touching, clever, musical and, last but not least, very funny. And at the end he shows vacation pictures. For those who stayed at home.

Letzte Besorgungen is an end-of-year cabaret hit that doesn't miss the seriousness of the situation, but doesn't forget to laugh heartily about it. And bervor the question arises, yes, there will be another musical guest, and the direction is clear: celebrate as if there were a tomorrow!

,,Jochimsen is whimsical, poetic and accurate observation. [...] And what he finds is like his program: tragedy and screamingly funny." Frankfurter Rundschau

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Photo: Britt Schilling

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